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Asian Concerns International ~ Support a Pastor 

You can make a world of difference in a pastor's life and ability to serve the Body of Christ with as little as $50.  Most countries in Asia are under-developed and most of the pastors in these countries live on, only a little more than a dollar a day.  $50, for most pastors living in small villages, would help them meet their basic needs, such as shelter, food etc.  Most of these pastors, however are not in a position to afford even a bicycle.  In the past ACI has helped out several pastors with this very basic transportation.  Gift of bicycle to these pastors has been an encouragement to them and has helped them in ministry.  If you would like to donate a bicycle to a village pastor, please contact us for more information.  Thank you very much for your heart for the servants of God in these countries.

Support a Pastor

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